The Freshman Cook: Happy Cookies:)!!

This weeks dessert is Happy Cookies. These cookies are sugar cookies decorated with the Chinese symbol for Happy! I cut my sugar cookies out with a circle cutter. I then iced the cookies with white icing, and used a black food marker to make the Happy symbol. This is the recipe I always use for cookies and icing. We have used this cookie and icing recipe in a past post at Go to the post to see the recipe for the cookies and the icing. Lets pick up where we decorate the cookies.

Use your white icing to outline the cookie.

Flood the cookie with the thinner white icing.

Let it dry overnight.

 I used food markers to write on the cookie. 

The icing on the cookie has to be solid hard.

(I don’t know if that is a thing, but you know what I mean?!)

I copied the chinese word for happy from

These are the finished cookies.

Don’t look too close. An artist, I am not.

(But I am trying to practice decorating. 

This is something I really want to learn)

Thanks for joining me this week. I hoped you enjoyed everything 

we prepared. Next week we are going to have a great menu with

some fantastic and tasty food. See you tomorrow for the culinary word of the week.

Cookie Costs:

Flour-                .80

Baking Soda-    .02

Salt-                  .01

Butter-              2.39

Sugar-                 .40

Eggs-                   .30

  Almond Extract-   .05   

Total Cost-         3.97 

(This makes about 6 dozen)


Meringue Powder             .40

Cream of Tarter               .10

Powdered Sugar             1.60

Total Cost                        2.10

(You will definitely have some left over)

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