The Freshman Cook: Melon Bites-This Weeks Salad!

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This week I wanted something cool and refreshing for our salad, and I think I found it. I chose watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew.

The watermelon is a personal size melon, the cantaloupe

smelled so heavenly, I could smell it as soon as I walked

into the produce department, and the honey dew is a

golden dewlicious grown in California.

Cut the watermelon in half….

cut the end off of the half….

cut the half in half then….

cut the new piece in half, and then cut it in 

long slices.

Trim the rind off of the melon, and then cube the piece.

Cut the cantaloupe in half….

scoop out the insides and them throw away.

 Cut the cantaloupe in half, cut slices from the half,

cut the rind off of the slice, and chop the slices.

Cut the golden dewlicious in half….

scoop out the seeds, and throw them away….

cut the half in half, and then cut it in slices.

The rind was rather thick on this melon, so you will

want to cut it out, as it tastes terrible.

Cut the slices into small bites.

Put melon bites into a cup. Top with decorative skewers,

like drink umbrellas. I used straws that have decorative

island designs on top. I cut the straws down to size,

and skewered them with fruit. This enables you to eat the entire 

cup of fruit with only the straw. The straw easily punctures the fruit,

and it becomes a spoon.


Thank you for joining me today!

I hope you will join me tomorrow when we

will be making our entree~

Sirloin Steak with Blue Cheese Walnut Butter.

See you then!!

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