The Freshman Cook: Baby Cookies on Cookie Journey Thursday

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Thanks for joining me for Cookie Journey Thursday! My son’s friend had a baby girl recently, and he asked me if I would send some cookies to celebrate this special occasion. Well, you know I said yes! This is what I made.
 Whenever I make cookies as a gift, I like to send the cookies in something the recipient can use.
  I found this pink basket and matched up some pretty receiving blankets to put in the basket. The blankets also gave me a color scheme to use. I just love the light and dark pink with a little light green. I made the icing  that I always use, and I colored some of it light pink using Americolor #132, some darker pink, using Americolor #164, and the rest light green using very little Wilton Willow Green.

The Bib:

Outline the bib with the light pink. Immediately fill in. Let dry completely.  I am not happy with the way there is a distinction between the outlining and the fill. At first I thought it might be because I live in a very dry climate, but after checking into it more, I think it was because I did not make the icing thin enough. Using a #2 tip and the light green, I randomly piped some mini petals on the bib. I just made four very short lines in the pattern shown.  Then using a #2 tip, and some dark pink, I piped small little dots in the middle of each one.

The Rattle:

Pipe and fill in the top ball and the bottom ball on the rattle. I decorated this rattle several times before I was happy with it. I thought I had more pics of the work in progress on the rattle, so I apologize. I piped and filled in the light green areas. Then I piped and filled in the light pink center. When it was completely dry, I piped a little scroll design, and added the two dark pink dots. I thought the top ball needed something, so I piped the same scroll design on it, and added the two side dots.

The Onesie: 

 I piped and filled in the onesie with light green. I let it completely dry, then I piped along the design of a onesie. I wasn’t too sure what design to use, so I looked through lots of outlined onesie cookies online, and found one I liked. I followed the design along the edges of the onesie, then I went back and piped on the extra, like at the neck and the sleeve. After everything was dry, I put little dots on the onesie in light pink and dark pink.

The Bottle:

I outlined and filled in the base of the bottle. Let dry completely. I tried several ways to decorate the band that goes across the bottle, but I wanted something with a little texture. So, I took the light green, and I squiggled across the band area, and then I squiggled back across it. I think it added just the right amount of dimension.
I piped and filled in the nipple part of the bottle with dark pink. I finished the baby bottle by adding a design like on the bib, only bigger. I still used the #2 tip, but when I piped out the light green,  I pushed a little more icing thru the tip, making the piping thicker.

The Monogram:

Pipe and the fill in the circle cookies.
I added the initials of the baby in light pink and the
little heart, like I made here.
 After all the cookies were dry, I dropped them in little cello bags and tied coordinating curly ribbon around the bags. Don’t they look festive? I unfolded each of the receiving blankets, and bunched them together in the bottom of the basket, then I covered the blankets with the cookies.  I added a little card and sent them on their way. What do I need to work on? I need to work on my icing consistency and my outlining. Circles are a problem for me. What do you think? Thanks for joining me today. Next week I am making cookies for my son. He will need the nourishment for finals!! Hope to see you soon!

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