The Freshman Cook: Steamed Broccoli!

This week I switched the soup/salad portion of our weekly meals to include a vegetable. Today the vegetable is steamed broccoli. I chose broccoli because it has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants of all vegetables. It’s just good, and good for you. This dish requires very little in the way of ingredients making it a good dish for a freshman cook. But it’s not the easiest dish. Close attention is needed to the steaming process to produce the best tasting broccoli, because over cooking can ruin it.

Steamed Broccoli

Fresh Broccoli


The broccoli I used today is a broccoli crown. It means that the 

stalk has been cut down before you buy it. 

Crowns are generally a little more money, because you are not 

getting the stem, but unless you want to use the stem to make soup

they are usually thrown away.

Trim the crown by cutting bite size pieces of broccoli away from the crown.

I could not find my steamer anywhere, so I had to improvise.

All I needed was something to raise the broccoli above the water.

I used metal cookie cutters and made two layers.

I put water in the pan, about 2″ of it.

Then I put the broccoli on the top of the cutters

It worked great!

Put a lid on the pan, and bring the water to a boil.

Let the broccoli steam for 10 minutes. Take a piece out

and check to see if it is tender by sticking a knife in a stem.

When the broccoli is done, top it with a pat of butter.


Thank you for joining me today!

Due to problems I had with obtaining some of the ingredients I need for 

the appetizer this week, I had to switch days, making the vegetable today and 

I will be making the appetizer tomorrow.

I appreciate your patience with my scatterbrain!

See you tomorrow!

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