Our Team

Welcome to The Fresh Man Cook! We’re a passionate team dedicated to making cooking fun, easy, and accessible for everyone. Meet our team below:

Noah Baker

Noah Baker Founder and Author at The Fresh Man Cook

My name is Noah Baker. I have been a professional chef and restaurant owner for the past 20 years! I love to cook and bake, and I want to share my enthusiasm.

Archie Johnson

Archie Johnson – Author

I’m Archie Johnson, a chef and close friend of Noah Baker. Together, we’re reshaping the culinary landscape by sharing our cooking tips and delicious recipes on The Fresh Man Cook. Join us as we explore new flavors and inspire food enthusiasts worldwide.

Lily Walker

Lily Walker: Author

I’m Lily Walker, a chef and close friend of Noah Baker, the founder of The Fresh Man Cook. Here, I’m bringing my love for salads to the blog and share my favorite recipes and cooking tips. Join us as we create fresh, flavorful dishes that elevate the salad experience.