The Freshman Cook: Club Baked~Baked French Toast

It is time again for another episode of Club Baked.!! Every 2 weeks everyone in Club Baked makes the featured recipe from the book, Baked Explorations written by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. This is one great cookbook. I have liked every recipe we have made~until today.  It just wasn’t for me!

The recipe seems like it is really great.

It also looks great. I thought it would be

wonderful for the holidays!

It has a raspberry sauce that was fantastic tasting.

However the food had no taste. I used a loaf of

Challah bread, which was on the recipe as a choice of 

breads. I added a lot of extra cinnamon, but the flavor 

just wasn’t there for me. 

I hope everyone else had better luck than I did

with this recipe. I really wanted it to work.

The idea of baked French Toast is 

fantastic. My son will be home from college next

week, and I was hoping this would be a time saving
breakfast we could have while he is here.

If you are interested in this recipe, drop by and see

Julie, our hostess, at Little Bit of Everything.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for joining me today!

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