The Freshman Cook: Southwestern Flatbread

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No too long ago I was eating at Outback Steakhouse. We ordered an appetizer called “Mediterranean Flatbread “. It was a delicious piece of flatbread covered with chicken chunks, goat cheese, and peppers. Yum! But then I got to thinking. I really like southwestern style food. I wish I could have gotten flatbread, but with a more vibrant flavor. So I decided to experiment. I like what I came up with. I hope you do!!
Southwestern Flatbread (makes one flatbread) 1 Piece of Flatbread 1 Chicken Breast 1/2  Roma Tomato 1 Green Onion 1/4 cup Queso Fresco 1 scoop Sour Cream 1/2 Avocado Fresh Cilantro With your oven on high broil, toast the flatbread until light brown. Grill your chicken breast, then…
chop it in to small chunks.
Chop your green onion.
Chop your tomato in half, then slice the half in to quarters, then… chop the quarters into small chunks. Everything you are chopping should be slightly smaller than bite size. Scoop out half of your avocado, slice, and then chop into pieces. Start building your flatbread. Place the chicken and onion, then… the queso fresco,
Broil the flatbread in your oven. It only takes a couple minutes, so keep an eye on it. You may have to turn it once during the process.  Remove from your oven. The cheese has just started to melt. If you would like it melted more, just keep it in longer. But be careful, it burns easily and quickly.  🙂 Finish your flatbread by adding the tomato pieces, and
the sour cream, avocado, and fresh cilantro.
Beautiful and delicious!
This flatbread was wonderful tasting. Here is my problem. For the last few weeks I have been searching for the perfect appetizers to serve at several events I am hosting during the holidays. This appetizer will not work for that. I cut it with a pizza cutter, and it is just too messy to be eaten as finger food. (Of course, that didn’t stop me, but only in the presence of people that have to love me!) So my assignment is this. Can I figure out a way to make this appetizer, with the flatbread, and have it be finger food? I think I have a solution!! Give me a couple days, and I’ll get back to you!! Thanks for joining The Freshman Cook today. Stop by again soon!!

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