The Freshman Cook: Homemade Chocolate Kiss!

I love chocolate kisses. I love to eat them right out of the bag, or sneak one off the top of a Peanut Butter Blossom. I love that they come in flavors and colors to match all the holidays. This Valentine’s Day is a special one to me. My husband and I got engaged 30 years ago this Valentine’s Day! So I make him this chocolate kiss with a special message that I hope he likes. This is easy to do, and I love the personalization. These would be great for a wedding, a wedding or baby shower, or a birthday. By designing the message you can express how you really feel!

Homemade Chocolate Kiss

12 ounces Milk Chocolate 

Vegetable Oil

Pan Spray

Medium Size Funnel

Aluminum Foil

Message Printed on White Paper

Melt the chocolate over low heat,

Add vegetable oil as needed to make the chocolate smooth.

This is the funnel I used. This is the middle one in a set of three.

I covered the bottom with foil and taped it on.

I sprayed the inside with pan spray.

 Then I set it in a glass measuring cup. The measuring cup

is a stable holder for the funnel.

Pour the melted chocolate into the funnel.

Set it in the freezer until it has set, then

flip over and release it from the funnel.

Cut the top down. The marks on the chocolate are from 

the foil being wrapped and unwrapped. It doesn’t usually 

look like this. It is usually very pretty and smooth.

Wrap the chocolate with foil, twisting the foil.

Print a saying  with  the computer. When you print it,

leave some space to the right, so you can tuck the 

blank space into the kiss wrapping.

Attach your message and watch the lucky recipient smile!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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