The Freshman Cook: Grasshopper Bars and Club Baked!

It’s that time again! Time for Club Baked! This time around we made a delicious dessert called Grasshopper Bars! So tasty, and just perfect for spring! You can get the recipe from our hostess this round, Kirsten. You can also find the recipe in the book we are using, Baked Explorations, written by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito.

This recipe took some time to make, but it was so worth it. 

I did make one change to the recipe. The center cream is

 actually green, but it is hard to tell in the picture. I should have made

it darker, but when I was mixing in the color, it looked so pretty! 

I mixed it because I did not use the creme de menthe.

I used 3 tablespoons of additional whipping cream,

1/2 teaspoon of mint flavoring, and 2 drops of  liquid 

green food color. It was wonderful!

This recipe would be great for a luncheon or a brunch.

It’s perfect because you can make it ahead of time,

which is always a big help!

Thanks for joining me today!

Next Club Baked~Baked Cheese Grits!

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