The Freshman Cook: Holiday Bark!

This is Day 6 of our “15 Days of Red, White, and Blue! Today we made a simple holiday bark. We used red, white, and blue M and M’s, tiny twist pretzels, holiday marshmallow stars, and sprinkles. We did make this bark just slightly different, however. We made the bark 3 layers with each layer a different color! Very festive!

Red, White and Blue Holiday Bark

2-3 packages Almond Bark

Red, white and blue M and M’s

Tiny twist Pretzels

Red, white and blue marshmallow stars


Americolor Holiday Red

Americolor Royal Blue

Set up a double boiler, and melt 6 whole pieces

of Almond Bark.

Layer your pan with parchment paper. I used

a 12 1/2″ X 9 1/2″ pan.

Once the bark is melted, tint the bark with 

a couple drops of royal blue, more or less, 

depending on your desired finished color.

Spread it our over the pan and refrigerate

for 15 minutes.

Melt 6 more pieces of bark, and tint the melted bark with

the holiday red. I had a problem with the bark

getting a little thick this time, so I added a 

tablespoon of solid vegetable oil and it was nice and smooth.

Pull your pan out of the fridge, and cover the blue layer 

with the red melted bark. Put back in the fridge for 

another 15 minutes.

Melt 6 more pieces of bark, and leave it white.

Cover the red and blue bark with a white layer.

Place your pretzels, marshmallow stars, M and M’s,

and sprinkles on the white layer.

Refrigerate for 15 minutes.

After they are refrigerated, pull the bark from the pan 

by lifting the parchment paper out. 

Start cracking or cutting  the bark pieces.

I think the layers look fun and festive!

Although, I could have done a better job of

making them level! 🙂

I think bark is always a great little extra for a 

party or get together. It is really the chameleon

of the candy world! It is appropriate at just about

any event, it lends itself to the event because you can 

change it’s color to match event colors and the

ingredients you top it with are only 

limited by imagination!

Thanks for joining me today! 

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