The Freshman Cook: Red, White and Blue Star Cookies!

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For this weeks Cookie Journey Thursday, we are making star cookies! Red, White and Blue ones! These cookies are simple, don’t take all that much time, and oh, so pretty.They will make any table look festive and happy!

Red, White and Blue Star Cookies

I used the No Fail Sugar Cookies recipe, and 

Antonia74 for the icing. You can find both
of the recipes here.

Americolor Holiday Red

Americolor Royal Blue

I made 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large star cookie

for each person attending the party I made these for.

Some will eat more, some less!

Outline your blue cookies…..

and fill in.

Do the same….

for the red cookies….

and once more….

for the white ones.

Let them dry completely.

I let these dry overnight.

Pipe small dots on the star. Use contrasting colors so that

you get the Red, White and Blue effect throughout your

cookies. Pipe the dots in the same place on each cookie.

Use blue dots on the white cookie at each angle.

Then place the red dots on the white cookie in 

between the blue dots.

Do the same dot design on the blue cookies, using

red and white icing.

Do the design one more time on the red cookies,

using blue and white icing.

Happy 4th of July! Stay tuned for Day 10 of 15 Days of Red White and Blue! Thanks for stopping by! We are stopping by the following parties:

Crazy Sweet Tuesday 

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