The Freshman Cook: Cookie Journey Thursday ~A Tropical Palm Tree

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It has been really hot here in Las Vegas. Well ok, it is always hot here! But I am talking record breaking HOT! HOT! HOT! And I am beginning to daydream of cool ocean breezes, sipping a smooth, fruity concoction and relaxing under a swaying palm tree. Oh, my! How nice would that be! But instead, I am here making cookies, (which I love) and trying to stay cool in the air conditioning (which I love, but am sick of)! So I did the next best thing~I made palm tree cookies!

I used a #2 tip for the trunk and the top.

I used Americolor Chocolate Brown and a mix of 

Americolor Forest Green and Leaf Green.

Outline the trunk. Make an indentation at the top for

a palm frond that is in front of the tree trunk.

Fill in the tree trunk and let dry before moving forward.

Outline the palm fronds.

Fill in the top and let it dry completely.

If possible, let it dry overnight. 

While you are waiting for the top to dry,

put a few upside down v’s on the trunk 

to give it some dimension.

Once the top is completely dry, outline the top again

in the same color and in the way as you did the first time.

Immediately sprinkle green sanding sugar along the outline.

Completely cover the outline.

Let dry.

When it is totally dry, turn the cookie over and let the excess sugar fall.

 Don’t shake it.You don’t want to risk breaking it after all your work.

Just gently brush the excess sugar off of the cookie with a thin paint brush.

Now you have your own beautiful palm tree.

I can feel those ocean breezes already!

Thanks for joining me for 

Cookie Journey Thursday

as I attempt to improve my meager cookie decorating

skills. I hope you are baking along with me!

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