The Freshman Cook: Sugar Cookie Thongs!

I know I am showing my age here now, but when I was a little girl, flip flops used to be called thongs. Do you remember that? Of course now, flip flops and thongs are definitely 2 very different things. However, I still have a tendency to slip up once in a while and call my flip flops “thongs” and although I try to catch myself before I say it out loud, this is forever a source of humor for my husband. (So glad to be available for his amusement!) Never the less, it is Cookie Journey Thursday and we are making sugar cookie flip flops! I have this cute little container that I think would make such a great gift if it was filled with matching flip flop cookies. So today I made two of the designs. I hope they make you smile!

Flip Flop Cookies

Outline the pink and the green cookie.

I used Americolor Soft Pink

and Americolor Electric Green

I also used a Wilton tip #2.

Fill in the pink flip flip and …..

the green one.

I made a little flower cookie for the center of the pink cookie.

Outline and fill in with Americolor Orange.

Use Americolor Electric Blue and a #2 tip to make

 a strap for your flip flop.

Attach the flower to the center top of the strap.

Freehand some white, 5 petal flowers of your green flip flop.

Place a small pink dot in the center of each flower.

Make the straps for the flip flop in the same pink as your dots.

Thanks for joining me as I continue to work on 

improving my cookie decorating skills. I am still a long way

from where I want to be, but I am closer than I was.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

That seems to be the major key.

If you are practicing with me let me know!

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