The Freshman Cook: Halloween Creatures Marshmallow Pops!

These fun Halloween Creatures Marshmallow Pops are easy to make, and just plain fun! They are perfect to give together as a bunch, or separately!

Halloween Creatures Marshmallow Pops!

Kraft StackerMallows

Sticks for Marshmallows

Americolor Orange,Violet, Electric Green, Super Black


Candy Corn

Start by putting a black base color on two marshmallows.

Let dry.

Pipe a pumpkin outline on top of the black.

I didn’t show it here,sorry. But after some

experimentation, I think the pumpkin looks betterĀ 

with a black base.

Fill in the pumpkin outline by going up and down

Ā inside the pumpkin. It gives it texture and dimension.

Draw Jack O’lantern faces on the pumpkin.

Pipe a green base on the marshmallow.

Let dry.

Using black frosting, pipe the hair on Frankenstein.

Fill in the hair.

I like the black base on Frankenstein also,Ā 

so when I made it again I added it.

Add a little stitch to Frankie’s cheek.

Two make the bolts, dip two mini marshmallows in green frosting.

Let dry.

Give Frankie his eyes and mouth.

Attach a bolt to each side of his head.

Isn’t he cute?

Base coat another marshmallow with purple.

I don’t know why it looks blue. Maybe too much light?

Outline and fill in some hair for Dracula.

Add eyebrows, eyes and a mouth.

Finish the eyes, and Dracula is done!

I used black and orange straws for these guys,Ā 

but cookie sticks would work also.

I added the ghost at the last minute.

Pretty simple, add a white base and eyes!

Wrap each of the creatures in plasticĀ 

and tie with a ribbon. I had an empty jar

that I poured candy corn in, and stuck

the pops down in it. I cut them all different sizes,

so they could be stacked all around the jar.

Ā Tie ribbon around the jar, and you are done!

Thanks for joining me today!

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