The Freshman Cook: Valentine Chocolates w/ a Cookie Butter Center

It is Day 2 of our 14 Days of Valentine’s and today’s treat is 

Valentine Chocolates with a Cookie Butter Center!

Oh, goodness, you are going to like these!

Valentine Chocolates w/a Cookie Butter Center

1/2 pound of solid Milk Chocolate

1/2 of a  14.1 ounce jar of Cookie Butter

Silicone Heart Candy Mold

I used the Pound Plus chocolate from

Trader Joe’s. I also used their cookie butter.

 I love both products.

Chop your chocolate into small pieces.

 Try to get them close in size so they will melt evenly.

Melt in a double boiler.

Once your chocolate is melted, spoon about

2 teaspoons of chocolate into each heart.

There is no reason to spray the mold.

Use a paintbrush to bring the chocolate up the sides,

and to cover the bottom.

Place in the refrigerator until firm, 

about 45 minutes to an hour.

While you are waiting, melt the cookie butter in a double boiler.

Once melted, allow it to cool a little.


Once the chocolate is set up, spoon some of the 

cookie butter  over the chocolate, but not to the top.

Place it in the refrigerator to set up.

It takes 45 minutes to an hour to set up firm.

Add more of your melted chocolate on top of

the cookie butter. Place in the fridge for another

 45 minutes or so until firm.

Take your candies out once they are set up and firm.

Release the candy from the mold. I found the best

way to do this is to push the mold up from the 

bottom, which will move the candy out with it.

This would be a good time to put on plastic gloves

or wrap saran wrap around your fingers. The chocolate

picks up your fingerprints.

If the undersides of your chocolate look scraggly, 

like this one, take a small paring knife…..

and carefully cut off the pieces. It doesn’t take long,

and it gives a much nicer appearance. This is where

you have to watch for the fingerprints!

Doesn’t that creamy center look yummy!?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I bet you know someone who will love these!!

See you tomorrow for Day 3 of 14 Days of Valentine’s!

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