Thursday, March 31, 2016

Celebrate It! Blog Link Party!

Let's get started Celebrating!

Hello, and Thanks for stopping by today!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday and a fun filled Spring Break, if you had one!

I can't believe it is almost April! Spring is in full bloom here in North Carolina,
 allergies and everything! But is is so beautiful! I hope you are enjoying your Spring!

Link up with us today and share with us what you have been up to!
If you are creating, baking, cooking, photographing, reading, writing, sewing, crocheting, designing, building, gardening, landscaping, exercising, dancing, walking, hiking, traveling, scrapbooking, learning, teaching, replanting, decorating, planning, knitting share it here!!!!!
I can't wait to see it!

Here are last weeks 3 most clicked link ups:

Simply Stacie

Penny Pincher Jenny
Olives and Okra
Thank you again to everyone that stopped by to link up or to look around!
So glad you are here to share your projects and ideas!!
We love to celebrate with you!
Here are a few things that will make this party fun for everyone:
1. Visit 2 or 3 other party goers if you can. It makes it so much more fun
to link up when someone clicks on your link and visits your page.

2. I pin each of your link ups to the Celebrate It! board,
 and I will also pin them to another one of my
 board that fits the pin.
 Your link up will get tweeted both times also!

3. By linking up you are giving me permission to feature your post on social media.
  Proper credit is always given. You may receive an 
email reminder about this party.
Let's have a party!


  1. Thanks for hosting, have a wonderful week :)

  2. Good morning and thank you for hosting this party :)

  3. Thank you for hosting!
    Have a wonderful weekend! =)

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