The Freshman Cook: July 2016

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It is time for #FoodieExtravaganza! We are celebrating doughnuts today, and I made these refreshing, fun, summertime Watermelon Doughnuts! They are tasty and pretty and very addicting! They are also easy to make and don’t take long at all. They are filled with watermelon flavor, mini chocolate chips, and topped with a clear vanilla glaze. They are perfect for breakfast, snacks, and desserts!

Watermelon Doughnuts

(printable recipe)
 makes 15-16 doughnuts

2cups Cake Flour
3/4 cup Sugar
2 teaspoon Baking Powder
3/4 cup Buttermilk
2 Eggs, lightly beaten
2 tablespoons Butter, melted
2 bottles Lor Ann Oils, Watermelon flavor
Mini semi sweet Chocolate Chips
2 drops of Super Red Americolor Color 
2 drops of Soft Pink Americolor Color Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix together the flour, sugar and baking powder in a large bowl.

Add the buttermilk, watermelon flavoring, eggs and butter. Mix together. Add 2 drops of soft pink coloring.
Mix the color into the batter. Add 2 drops of Super Red coloring. Mix coloring into batter.
Add mini chips to batter. Mix in with a spoon.
Spray the doughnut pan with pan spray. Fill with batter, halfway up the pan. Bake for 7-9 minutes.
Remove from pan and cool completely.
Sift the powdered sugar. This is the most important step in making the glaze. If the sugar is not sifted the glaze will end up lumpy.
 Add vanilla. I used clear vanilla flavoring so the glaze will not be tinted by the vanilla color. Add water a little at a time. Make sure it is hot, and whisk after adding each tablespoon.
Place each doughnut, top side down, on the glaze. Swish around slightly until the top is covered.
Place dipped doughnuts on a cooling rack until glaze dries.
Enjoy these Watermelon Doughnuts!

Thank you to our host today, Lauren from From Gate to Plate

July has arrived and that means it’s time for another #FoodieExtravaganza! Each month we take turns hosting and selecting a foodie holiday associated with that month. Somehow in all the planning July was overlooked so in a mad dash in the second half of June, Lauren told us to celebrate the doughnut. If anyone is keeping score, National Doughnut Day is actually the first Friday in June, but none of us are complaining to be celebrating one of America’s favorite breakfast treats today. 

July is National Culinary Arts month so let’s just go with that. Also in July: Fried Chicken Day (today, the 6th), Blueberry Muffin Day (the 11th), and Junk Food Day (the 21st).

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