Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fruity Fruit Popsicles/#FoodieExtravaganza

I love a refreshing popsicle when it is hot and humid outside, don't you? Well, it has been hot and humid, and popsicles have become our daily treat! These Fruity Fruit Popsicles are loaded with flavor from fresh blueberries and cherries that are frozen in White Cranberry Juice, and they are quick to make!  You will love them!
Blueberry and Cherry Popsicles
(makes 3 popsicles)

9 ounces White Cranberry Juice
12 fresh Cherries
 fresh Blueberries

Pour 3 ounces of White Cranberry Juice
in to each popsicle mold. Place in freezer for about 30 minutes.
You want the juice to be semi frozen; kind of slushy.
Wash and pit your cherries and cut them in half or quarters.
Wash blueberries.
Rinse the cherries under water once they are cut.
 If you don't, the cherry juice will run in to the cranberry juice and discolor it.
Start filling each popsicle with the cut cherries and the blueberries.
The blueberries will float, so try and get them to stay down by
placing cherries on top of them. Freeze them for several hours.
Cool off with this refreshing treat!

Foodie Extravaganza is where we celebrate obscure food holidays or cook and bake together with the same ingredient or theme each month. This month - Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla is hosting - she invited bloggers to come up with creative ice cream creations.

So during this first full month of summer, it's all about ice cream. But that can include gelato, semi-freddo, and even popsicles. Go wild!

We hope you all enjoy our delicious frozen creations this month and come back to see what we bring for you next month.

Posting day is always the first Wednesday of each month. If you are a blogger and would like to join our group and blog along with us, come join our Facebook page Foodie Extravaganza. We would love to have you! If you're a spectator looking for delicious tid-bits check out our Foodie Extravaganza Pinterest Board! Looking for our previous parties? Check them out HERE.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy Cherry Pie Stars

To call this recipe Easy Cherry Pie Stars is really an understatement. If you have the ingredients on hand, this recipe will not take you 30 minutes, and most of that time is spent waiting for the stars to bake! This is a great little meal ender for a last minute get together, and it is wonderful for a large group because it is so easily put together! Of course, I think it's a natural for the 4th of July also!!
cherries, easy to make,pie, blueberries, confectioner's sugar, lemon
Easy Cherry Pie Stars
makes 10 servings

*1 box uncooked Pie Crust
*1 can Cherry Pie Filling
*2 dozen Blueberries
*1 cup Confectioner's Sugar
*1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
*extra Confectioner's Sugar for dusting

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
pie crust, cutting out, ready made crust
 Follow the directions on your box of crust to bring the dough to
 room temperature. Cut out your star shapes. I found that I could
 fit 10 large stars from 1 round of crust if I utilized all the crust
by re rolling. Cut as many small and large stars as you need.
pie crust, baking, star shaped, easy to make
Bake in your oven for 8-10 minutes. 
cooling, pie crust, stars, cut outs
Let cool.
ready to eat, easy to make, cherries, lemon, blueberries, confectioner's sugar
Make lemon drizzle by mixing the confectioner's sugar and lemon juice.
If you think it is too thick, add more juice, a little at a time.
If you think it is too thin, add more confectioner's sugar, a little at a time.
Place the big star on your plate and top with a spoon full of cherries.
Top the cherries with a small star. Add a few more cherries on top.
Tuck in some blueberries for color. Drizzle the lemon drizzle over the
top of the cherries and crust. Shake some confectioners sugar over everything!
party worthy dessert, 4th of July, patriotic, pie crust, cherries, blueberries, lemon, confectioner's sugar
The best thing about this recipe is the stars can be made ahead of time.
The cherries couldn't be any quicker, and the drizzle takes 5 minutes, tops!
That gives you a festive, pretty dessert to serve, and you won't miss any of the fun!!

Thanks for joining me today!

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chocolate Pudding Party on the Porch!~#Summer of Pudding

Did you know that yesterday was National Chocolate Pudding Day?! So what better day to have a Chocolate Pudding Party and celebrate! We had such a great time enjoying toppings, fruits, and a chocolate mousse that tasted amazing! We were slightly interrupted by a rather nasty afternoon thunderstorm, but the food was fantastic, the company was wonderful, and everyone had fun!
 All of the treats were designed around Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding.
You will want to stop by their fun home page to see all the great ideas!
 I included lots of toppings like,
Mini Reese Oreos, Peanut Butter Butterfinger pieces,
Mini Chocolate Kisses, Brickle pieces,
Star sprinkles, and Rainbow Chip Crunch.
 YUM! All you need is a spoon!
We had cut up mango, pineapple, cherries, and strawberries for dipping and drizzling!
I made Chocolate Pudding Drizzle for the fruit.
 So tasty and refreshing!
I wanted to offer a simple sophisticated treat
to the adults who attended our pudding party,
so I made this Chocolate Mousse with
Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding, and then
for a little touch of summer, topped off the mousse
with some crushed graham cracker crumbs and
toasted mini marshmallows. They were amazing,
and they can be made ahead of time!

This post is part of the Kozy Shack "SUMMER OF PUDDING", and there is lot's more where this came from! Stop by their page and check out their products. They are made with simple ingredients,
which is why they are so good! Let me know what your favorite way to eat pudding is!

Drop by their facebook page to enter a giveaway and check out how pudding eaters across the country are enjoying Kozy Shack this summer!

Check out the Kozy Shack Instagram page for another giveaway!

 Stay tuned for more summer pudding ideas to help make your summer desserts carefree and simple!

Chocolate Pudding Mousse

1 cup Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding
1/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

Mix heavy whipping cream on low and add vanilla.
Turn mixer to high and whip until cream is well whipped.
Fold whipped cream into pudding carefully, but thoroughly.
Place mousse in shot glasses. Refrigerate.
Before serving, sprinkle top with crushed graham crackers,
and two mini marshmallows. Use a kitchen torch to
toast marshmallows.

Chocolate Pudding Drizzle
1/2 cup Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding
1/4 cup Cream

Mix pudding and cream together until you have
drizzle consistency. Add more cream if needed.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebrate It! Blog Party!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!
I hope you will share with us what you have
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kicking up the surf at the beach,
kayaking the river, or fishing the pond?
Share with us!!
We would love to know what you are busy doing this summer!

So if you are taking pictures or taking a class,
planning a party or going to one, writing a book or reading a good one,
tell us about it! Share it with us!
 We would love to hear about it!!!

Here are this weeks features:

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4th of July "I LOVE THE USA" Popsicles!

I heard a rumor today that by Saturday the heat might start subsiding a little, here in the south! Well, I hope it's true, but to be on the safe side, I am filling my freezer with these 4th of July "I LOVE THE USA" Popsicles.  'Ya know, "just in case"!! Besides, what would the 4th be without the cool refreshment of popsicles! I can't imagine one without the other!! These pops are made with red and blue jello, and vanilla yogurt. They are easy to make, but not quick. Freezing them seemed to take forever, and had me yearning for one of those blast chillers they use on Chopped! But they are worth the wait!

popsicles, red, white and blue, 4th of July

4th of July "I LOVE THE USA" Popsicles

Monday, June 22, 2015

Lemon Filled Mini Bundt Cake w/ a Lemon Yogurt Glaze

It is officially summertime! So that means it is also lemontime! Which is why I have a Lemon Filled Mini Bundt Cake w/a Lemon Yogurt Glaze  for you today! These little bundts are yellow cakes stuffed with a ring of lemon curd, and topped with a lemon drizzle. Lemon is the perfect fruit to represent summer, don't you think?

lemon, bundt cake, mini bundt

Lemon Filled Mini Bundt Cake w/ a Lemon Yogurt Glaze

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chocolate Icebox Cake

With the heat of summer bearing down on us right now in North Carolina, I thought the time was right for a Chocolate Icebox Cake! Simple to make, and yummy to eat, there is no baking involved. So your kitchen will not have to feel the heat, and neither will you! This icebox cake has 4 ingredients, and if you want to make it even simpler, you can only use three ingredients. Plus, you probably have most, if not all of them, in your pantry right now!

Chocolate Icebox Cake
Chocolate Icebox Cake

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strawberry Mango Popsicles

 This Strawberry Mango Homemade Popsicle is the perfect way to get some relief from the sometimes sweltering heat of summer. And they are so easy to make!  Bursting with strawberry goodness, with just a hint of mango, the hardest part is waiting for them to freeze!!
strawberry, mango, fruit, fruit pops, popsicles
Strawberry Mango Popsicles