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If you have never made your own Pork Enchiladas, you will want to! They are easy to make, even when making your own sauce. I made these Mini Pork Enchiladas using dried New Mexico Hatch Chiles. 
If you ever have the pleasure of enjoying hatch chilies, do it. They are incredible. Several years ago, while living in Las Vegas, there was a grocery that used to bring Hatch Chiles to town every fall, and grill them outside, creating the most incredible aroma. I could spend all day there! They were only available for about a week, and they were fabulous. So when I saw the hatch chiles in the box from Melissa’s Produce, I knew I had to use them first! 
The chilies were dried, so I rehydrated them and they made the most incredible sauce! 

Mini Pork Enchiladas w/ Hatch Chile Sauce

10 dried Hatch Chilis
Olive Oil
1/4 cup chopped White Onion
1/2 teaspoon minced Garlic
Chicken Stock
1 teaspoon Sugar


1/2 pound Pork
1/4 cup Corn
Red Pepper Flakes
1/2 cup 4 Cheese 
Queso Fresco

Your dried chilis need to be rehydrated first. Place the chilies in hot water, totally submerged. Stir every couple minutes to insure they are plumping evenly. This should take about 15-30 minutes. Remove chilis from water and throw out the water.
To prepare the chilis, start by washing the chilis and cutting the tops from each chili. I used 10 chilis, which only made enough sauce for this recipe. Next time I will triple the amount, so I have extra!
I suggest wearing food safe plastic gloves, and remove the seeds and veins from the peppers. Slit the pepper down the side, don’t use a knife to scrape the chile. Use your fingers to gently remove the seeds. Then pull the veins out. They will come out easily.
Place peppers in a frying pan and roast them very lightly on both sides. Don’t let them burn. Have a large bowl of hot water ready on the side.
Submerge the peppers in the hot water as you take them from the pan. Allow them to soak for 20-30 minutes.
Place the chilis in a blender, and puree. This will take a bit of pulsing to get done.
Place the blended chilis into a strainer and push through into a bowl. This will eliminate any skin getting into the pulp.
Look at that perfect pulp! Scrape it into the bowl. This will take several times of pushing the chilis through the strainer.
 There is your beautiful Hatch Chile pulp!
Place pulp in pan. Heat olive oil add diced onions, and minced garlic. Heat  and stir together. Add chicken broth to thin, if necessary. Taste sauce. If you find it a little bitter, add a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar at a time until you are happy with the flavor. 
 I heated the pork in a frying pan, added the corn, and sprinkled on some red pepper flakes. I did not give a specific amount, but it can be hot-hot if too much is used. I placed a little bit of sauce on each tortilla. I also used mini flour tortillas. The minis make great appetizers, and I prefer the flour over corn. Add the pork and corn to each tortilla. Add shredded 4 cheese mix to the top of each tortilla. I used pork that I had made earlier in the week. Here is the recipe for a basic pork loin.
Roll each tortilla, place in oven proof dish, and pour sauce over them. Add Queso Fresco over the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Thank you to Melissa’s Produce for all the beautiful chiles! You are awesome! #CrazyForChiles

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