The Freshman Cook: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

    There is nothing quite as refreshing as a luscious, creamy, fruity smoothie. I am a big fan. But the price tag of purchasing such a thirst quencher can be too high to enjoy the treat. So, why not make them at home! Although strawberry season is sadly coming to an end, you still have time to make this delectable drink and make your taste buds dance! Here is what you need: 2 Cups crushed ice 6 oz strawberry or strawberry banana yogurt 4 oz 1% milk a squirt of lemon juice 2 oz orange juice 10  medium strawberries 2 medium bananas ~Put the ice in your blender. If your blender crushes ice and your ice is in whole cubes, go ahead and crush        the ice before adding anything else. ~Add your yogurt into the blender. ~ Add the milk. ~ Add the orange juice ~ Add the lemon juice ~ Add your bananas. You can slice them, or cut them into several pieces. ~ Hull your strawberries. That means cut the stems off. You can buy a huller at the store or just use a knife     to cut the stem out. Make sure you go down into the berry to get the entire thing.
 ~Blend your delectable concoction until smooth and creamy. You can put this smoothie in the fridge if you are not ready to drink it yet. Perhaps you have a nice husband who makes them for you when you are on your way home from work, so it is ready when you get home? (I am very lucky!) If you do, then this smoothie will keep for about 4 hours in the refrigerator. ~ENJOY!!!! ~You can make changes to this recipe according to your love of fruit. You can add more or less of the    bananas or strawberries. More banana makes the smoothie super creamy. You can add blueberries,    pineapple, etc. You have a lot of choices. ~ You can use different yogurt. Match the yogurt to your fruit, or just use your favorite. ~ You can add ice cream!!!  Not as healthy, but oh so good! ~ Use a fresh lemon squeeze instead of the real lemon juice. The only limit is your imagination! Experiment and have fun!!

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