The Freshman Cook: Skillet Fried Potatoes

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Our side dish this week is skillet fried potatoes. Potatoes are such a versatile dish, aren’t they? I mean you can change up a potato dish about 100 different ways! They go with just about everything, and pretty much everyone loves them! Like these potatoes we made this week. They could definitely be served with the steak, which was our entree this week, or they could be served with breakfast. You could add onion or cheese or vegetables or bacon. See what I mean. The list could go on forever! Well, our potatoes for this week follow the KIS rule. Keep it simple! That’s what I did, and they are sure to please everyone.

Skillet Fried Potatoes

Potatoes(1- 1 1/2 per person)



Garlic Powder

1 tablespoon Butter

I don’t really use the microwave a lot.

I learned to cook in restaurants that didn’t have them, 

so it just became second nature to do it another way. But I

really like potatoes cooked in the microwave.

Besides, 10 minutes beats 60 minutes every time!

Wash your potatoes, then poke them with a fork twice

on both sides. This gives the heat somewhere to escape to.

Microwave on high for about 8-10 minutes. 

I put mine in for 5 minutes, then checked them every minute.

They should be cooked, but not over cooked,

because we will be frying them up in the skillet.

Once they are cooked, cut them in half to cool.

Cut each half into strips.

Turn the potato around, and cut the strips into bite size pieces!

Pull out your skillet! We are ready to go.

Place the butter in the skillet, and throw your potatoes in.

Sprinkle them with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Let them cook for about 10 minutes.

Toss them around in the pan so they all get an even browning.

Let them get as brown as you want. I cook mine until they have

little chrunchies on them. They taste great that way!

Serve ’em up, hot and steaming!


Thanks for joining me today! 

Stop by later for this weeks dessert,

Banana Cream Pie!

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