Saturday, July 4, 2015

Smoked Baby Back Ribs for #SundaySupper

Today #Sunday Supper is talking about food that travels. You know the kind of food I mean. The dishes you take to pot lucks, company picnics, and family reunions. Or maybe it's the casserole you drop off at your neighbors house when you know they need a helping hand. When I want to make something to take and share with others, I always take Smoked Baby Back Ribs. I love smoking ribs! It is enjoyable watching through the glass as the meat cooks, and the aromas are heaven! Another thing about smoking these ribs~it's so easy! Wash, rinse, season and smoke. The smoker does all the work!
ribs, BBQ, dinner
 Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Rib Slabs
Garlic Powder
Ground Black Pepper
Chipotle Seasoning
Chili Powder
BBQ Sauce 

ribs, BBQ, dinner
The first thing to do is to get your smoking chips wet. 
I like to change up the flavor and brand of chips I use.
They are all different, and there are so many 
combinations you can put together. It's fun!
I used apple wood and hickory wood for these ribs.
The hickory gives a heavy smoke flavor to the pork, and
it is a great wood to mix 50-50. The apple wood gives
off a sweet fruity aroma that is wonderful. The combo 
of the two is very tasty. Let the chips soak for 20 minutes.
ribs, BBQ, dinner
Season your ribs. Just like the many wood chips,
there are many ways to season your ribs.
Just keep trying different combos until you find
a flavor you like. The search is half the fun!
I always take the back membrane off of the ribs.
 I have taken it off before smoking and after.
Both ways work, but I don't like to eat it,
so I always remove it.
ribs, BBQ, dinner
There are all kinds of smokers available. The one I have
is an LP gas smoker.  I won't bother with the mechanics
of how mine works. Everything I am telling you is just basic
smoking. We use a rib rack to smoke our ribs to 165 degrees
internal temperature.
ribs, BBQ, dinner

ribs, BBQ, dinner
The ribs are just about done.  Such a beautiful color!!
ribs, BBQ, dinner
The pink around the inside of the meat is the smoke ring. It looks great.
ribs, BBQ, dinner
When I am taking these ribs from my home, for whatever reason,
 I cut them in to pieces. They are easier to handle this way.
 When they reach their destination they can be eaten cold
 or heated in the oven, drizzled with some sauce,
and they are ready to eat!

Thanks for joining me today, but don't go away!
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  1. Clearly I need to buy a smoker! These sound yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my, look at that perfect smoke ring on those ribs. Yum!

  3. I have a Cookshack smoker and love the ability to smoke meats at home. Love that you did a smoker rib recipe. Sounds great and love that you mixed apple and hickory wood. I use apple wood often as an apple stand I buy from sells small pieces of wood. Will have to get some hickory and try this out. Thank you!

  4. Smoked ribs are the best, Teri! Yours look wonderful!

  5. Hubby smokes the meat in this house and we love it. Your ribs look amazing. My mouth is watering!!

  6. We don't have a smoker but have been looking at them because we are considering buying one. Your ribs look and sound delicious!

  7. I can almost smell these cooking! I've been wanting a smoker forever. These sound amazing.

  8. My dad is obsessed with ribs. These look so perfect - he'd devour them all.

  9. Your ribs look phenomenal, Teri. Maybe it's time we invest in a smoker!

  10. Hmmmmm....I really think I need to get a smoker. These look luscious.

  11. I bet the smoker really gives these a ton of flavor!

  12. These look great! I've actually never made ribs other than country-style (not as common in the UK, where I'm from) but I must give them a go sometime!

  13. Yuuuuuummm! I've wanted a smoker for ages to make smoked tofu, fish and cheese, this is one more excuse

  14. My husband is also a smoker and he was impressed with your smoke ring. You probably know what he means. These look delish.

  15. What a delicious way to have ribs! Perfect for summer!