The Freshman Cook: Last Minute New Years Eve Appetizers

Happy New Years to you! I don’t know what your plans are for tonight. Maybe you are staying home with family or maybe you are hosting a party, or going to one. No matter what your plans, these Last Minute Appetizers might be able to help you out! They are quick to make and your family and guests will love them!

Tortellini Caprese Bites~The are a recent addition to the blog, and they are yummy. They only need two hours in the fridge, but make them early if you can, and let them sit in the fridge until time to serve. This is a quick recipe, and you and your guests will love it!

Chicken Fajita Bites~These are so quick to make, the only way to make it quicker is if you buy a rotisserie chicken instead of cooking your own.

Cowboy Pockets~These are quick to make by changing a few listed ingredients. Instead of making the shredded pork and the pinto beans, buy both of them.  The beans come canned and if you can’t find the pork, substitute chicken. It will taste great. A store bought rotisserie chicken would cut your time down a great deal.

Festive Shrimp Bites~This recipe is as simple as it gets, but you can save time here by buying cooked shrimp, instead of boiling it yourself!

Mini Cheeseball Bites~ This recipe is simple and comes together fast. You probably have most of the ingredients already, and you can substitute any cheese for one you like better.

Chicken Fajita Pockets~This is a really fast recipe if you just cook the ingredients and offer this as a make-your-own chicken fajita pockets. Pretty much like mini chicken tacos!

 Mini Meatball Appetizer~Substitute store bought meatballs for the homemade ones and these is a great time saving and good looking appetizer!

Buffalo Wings Flatbread~Instead of leftover chicken wings, you can go buy some, or even use chicken fingers. It will still taste wonderful!

Whatever your plans for welcoming in the new year, have a wonderful time! Thank so much for stopping by, and see you next year! (I couldn’t resist!)

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