The Freshman Cook: Mini Meatball Appetizers w/ Bertolli Reserva Marinara

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With the holiday season approaching, I want to share these fun and festive Mini Meatball Appetizers! If you are like me, I love to give holiday parties, and celebrate the season, and unique and yummy appetizers are my favorite things to serve. I made these appetizers using Bertolli Reserva Marinara with Parmigiano Reggiano and YUM! This year marksĀ Bertolli’s 150th Anniversary! Help us celebrate 150 years of Bertolli’s authentic, delicious flavors and the launch of BertolliĀ® Riserva sauces! If you would like to celebrate with $1.50 off coupon, click on the above link and then click on products! Did I mention that I like “easy to make” appetizers? You have found the perfect one!
Ā Mini Meatball Appetizers
(makes 20-25 meatballs)
1 pound Ground Chuck
1 Egg
dash Pepper
1/4 c Diced Onion
1/4 teaspoon Garlic Powder
1/4 c Bread Crumbs
1 teaspoon Oil
1 jar Bertolli Reserva Marinara with Parmesano Reggiano
12 Filo Shells
Mozzarella (shredded)

Place your ground chuck, egg, pepper, diced onion, garlic powder, and bread crumbs in a bowl. Mix together.
I use a 1 tablespoon scoop to gather the meat, then I roll it in my hand to compact it and make it pretty.

Place 1 teaspoon of oil in pan on medium. Place meatballs in pan. I put in about ten meatballs at a time. They brown quickly, and you need to keep turning them as they brown. Ten at a time seems to be a manageable amount. While you are browning and turning, heat up the Bertolli Reserva Marinara in a medium pot.
Ā As your meatballs become brown, place them into the pot of marinara. They will continue to cook in the sauce. They should be cooked in about 20 minutes.
Ā Before you start to fill the fillo cups, I suggest heating them for crispness. It is not an absolute necessity, but I think the additional crispiness of the shell brings a wonderful tasty element to these mini meatball appetizers. Heat them at 350 degrees for 3 minutes. Start filling the shells by spooning a small amount ofĀ  Bertolli Reserva Marinara on the bottom. Sprinkle some of the mozzarella on top of the marinara.
Top the marinara with a meatball, spoon some additional marinara over the top, and sprinkle more mozzarella on top.
You are ready to serve these wonderful, tasty Mini Meatball Appetizers to your family, friends, and guests.Ā 

Here are a few things you may want to know about this recipe:
The sauce gives an amazing flavor to the meatballs, and when you scoop the meatballs out of the pan to put in the shell, the marinara will drip down into the shell a bit, totally enhancing the taste.

The reason these meatballs work great for a party or for catering is that the meatballs can be made ahead, and heated right before the party. With your meatballs in the pot, and the shells toasting in 3 minutes, you can easily whip some of these out during the middle of your party, if needed.

Ā Thanks for joining me today!
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