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How do you like your corn? We are talking corn today at #TasteCreations! I don’t know about you, but I think corn is one of the sweetest pleasures of summer.  My favorite way to enjoy it is roasted in a campfire or on the grill! If you haven’t tried this method yet, give it a try! Roasting gives the corn a deep, wonderful flavor that I think you will love!
When putting together this Roasted Corn Dip, the peppers and the onion are roasted too, so you have a totally roasted bowl of goodness right here! Add some chips, and this dip will be welcome at your next bbq or game watching get together! Roasted Corn Dip

1/4 of a red, yellow, and orange pepper

1 ear of corn
1/4 Vidalia Onion
4 ounces Sour Cream
2 ounces Ranch Dressing
1 teaspoon Hot Sauce
1/4 of a Green Onion
Chips to dip Cut the onion in 1/4’s. Wrap the entire thing in foil. Cut the peppers in to 1/4’s also. Clean the corn. Place the corn the peppers and the onion on the grill. Grill on high. When they start to brown, turn the corn, and turn over the peppers. The onion can be left alone.
Chop the peppers in to very small bite size pieces. Do the same with the onion. 
Cut corn off of the cob. Mix the onion, peppers, and corn together. You will need 1 cup of the mix.
Mix together the sour cream and ranch dressing. Add hot sauce and mix.
Add the veggie mix to the sauce. Add more if needed. Leave out a little bit of the peppers and corn and add to the top of finished bowl. Add chips for full dipping pleasure! 

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